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A network for anyone running a Tech for Good community group in the UK.

Intro Presentation - Find out where we started and why

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(voluntary) principles that may be useful for you to help to define your activities.


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Events for the network of organisers - not events put on by groups for their members.[a][b][c][d][e][f][g][h][i][j][k][l][m][n][o][p][q][r]

End of Jan sometime Network Updates (“Community Squad”)

📆 coming soon

2nd March 2021, 1600-1800 GMT Network Co-design Session


17th March 2021, 1600-1800 GMT D&I playback session


Past Events

12 Nov 2020, 1600 GMT Network Co-design Session


Co-design session to design a local-national tech for good network. Slides, Jamboard.

Attendees: TfGSW (Annie, Ed Howarth, Eriol), TfGLive(Bex, Harriet, Alina, Marie), DfG (Maddie, Barrie), TfGLondon (Ellie), TfGG (Dama), TfGB (David S), TfGNE (David V), CC (Arielle), NSL (Kate), NH (Ed S)

26 Nov 2020, 1700-1900 GMT Network Co-design Session


10 Dec 2020, 1600-1800 GMT Network Co-design Session


14th Jan 2021, 1600-1800 GMT Network Co-design Session


10th Feb 2021, 1600-1800 GMT Network Co-design Session


  • Proposals to be presented and decided upon

What are we working on?

We tend to work in Slack, that’s the best place to input if you want to get involved.


  • Vision - Bex, Ed, Ellie and Dama
  • Governance - Founding members/decision making (David V & Barry)
  • Principles (and process/ code of conduct) - Dama, Olivia, Sidd
  • Launch - Working on a draft definition of launch (Key contact Annie Leggie)

Working on now:

  • Funding - Looking at what funding might be needed, who might fund it and pulling together a basic funding deck (Key contact Rebecca Rae-Evans)
  • Network coordinator - Deciding if we need a paid ongoing network coordinator and what that might look like, initial proposal here (Key contact Annie Leggie)
  • Brand - Bex
  • Diversity & Inclusion - 1:1 coaching sessions for 10 community organisations, some sessions left (Tessa Cooper is main contact)
  • Regular community events - (Key contact - Edward Saperia)
  • Onboarding - Chatting to new communities/ intro slack (Key contact Bex)
  • Mapping - (Annie & Bex)
  • Shared event calendar[s][t] - Potential for a shared calendar of events that we all produce for our communities (Key contacts: David Van Der Velde, Edward Saperia and James Baster) Bex note: Ellie might have done some work on this already?


  • Theory of change - We did a draft theory of change just focussing on the work some of us do with charities. It might be good to get a second version that looks more cross-sector (Key contact Arielle Tye)


  • Google Drive started (David Scurr)
  • This landing page sorted (Edward Saperia)
  • Whatsapp, Slack and newsletter list set up (Edward Saperia)
  • Started to get to know each other and create vision and values (Pete Burden)
  • Sociocracy Training - We have 4 semi-funded spaces on some sociocracy training to help us run the network which I think are now full (Key contact: Barry O’Kane)
  • Catalyst blog - written and gone to Catalyst (Bex)
  • Rework monthly design session - (Key contacts Annie Legge & Pete Burden)

Needs to be done:


If you organise a UK Tech for Good type community, add yourself to the list!


Tech for Good Live

Main contact: Bex Rae-Evans

🦄 Organiser 

💼 Director

🏠 Manchester

🐦 @RebeccaWho

📧  [email protected]

Other organisers

Sacha [email protected] (Newsletter/ blogging)

Harriet [email protected] (Volunteers)

Fay [email protected] (Social Media)

Jonny [email protected] (Podcast/ brand)

Greg [email protected]  (podcast and finance stuff)

Alina  [email protected] (research, blogging and newsletter stuff)

Marie Wilson [email protected] (Connection with SalfordCVS and 10GM)

Hera, Sophie, Tom, Harry, Paul, Mille, Sam (Podcast contributors)


Tech for Good Global

Dama Sathianathan

🦄 Tech for Good Global

💼 Bethnal Green Ventures

🐦 @dama_yanthy

📧 [email protected]

Tech for Good London (meetup)

Dama Sathianathan & Ellie Hale

🦄 Tech for Good London

💼 Bethnal Green Ventures & CAST

🐦 @techforgoodtv

📧 [email protected] / [email protected] 

Newspeak House

Edward Saperia

💼 Dean Newspeak House

🏠 London

🐦 @edsaperia / @nwspk

📧 [email protected]

Net Squared London

Sidd Bannerjee

🦄 NetSquared London


🐦 @spannerjee

📧 [email protected] 

Kate White

🦄 NetSquared London

💼 Superhighways


📧 [email protected] 

Charity Digital

Jonathan Chevallier

💼 CEO Charity Digital

🐦 j_chevallier

📧 [email protected]

Covid Tech Support

Marc Sloan

🦄 Covid Tech Support

🐦 MarcCSloan

🐦 CovidTechHelp

📧 [email protected] 

Climate Action Tech

Sandra Pallier


💼 Designer at Microsoft

🐦 tweetsofsandra

📧 [email protected]


Code the city

Ian Watt

🦄 Code The City

🏠 Aberdeen

🐦 @watty62

📧 [email protected]


Digital for Good

🦄 Digital For Good

Barry O’Kane

📧[email protected] 

Jane Griffin

💼 AND Digital

📧[email protected]

Maddie Stark

🦄Digital For Good


📧 [email protected]

Dwayne Pascal, Milosz Falinski


Tech for Good Brighton

David Scurr

🦄 Tech for Good Brighton

💼 CAST/Catalyst

🐦 @David_Scurr

📧 [email protected]

Ellie Hale

🦄 Tech for Good London

🦄 Tech for Good Brighton

🦄 NetSquared London

💼 CAST/Catalyst

🐦 @eg_hale

📧 [email protected]

Digital Brighton and Hove

Bryan Rossi-Anderson

🦄 Digital Brighton & Hove

💼 Citizens Online 

🏠 Brighton

🐦 @iBringIntoExist

📧 [email protected] 

North East

Social Tech North East

David Van Der Velde

🦄 Social Tech North East

💼 Land Digital


🐦 @david_vd_velde

📧 [email protected]

William Mortada

🏠 Newcastle upon Tyne


📧 [email protected]

South West

Tech 4 Good SW

Annie Legge

🦄 Tech4Good South West and


🏠 Bath

🐦 @annielegge

🐦 @tech4goodSW

📧 [email protected]

Ed Howarth

🦄 Tech4Good South West and


🏠 Bristol

🐦 @edhowarthbs5

📧 [email protected]

Helen Woodcock

🦄 Tech4Good South West and


🏠 Bristol

Eriol Fox (they/them)

🦄 Tech4Good South West and

💼 Open Food Network, Open Source Design & Newcastle Uni PhD

🏠 Bristol

🐦 @erioldoesdesign

📧 [email protected]

Other organisers

Maria Lenoard, Tech4Good South West coordinator

NetSquared Exeter

Rebecca Tregenna

🦄 NetSquared Exeter

/💼 Third Sector Design

🏠 Exeter

📧 [email protected]

Michael McAndrew

🦄 NetSquared Exeter

/💼 Third Sector Design

🏠 Exeter

📧 [email protected]


Netsquared Midlands

Pauline Roche

🦄 Digital WM News

💼 RnR Organisation

🏠 Birmingham

🐦 @paulineroche

📧  [email protected]

Devon Geary

🦄 This Is Our Brum and Birmingham Tech Week

🏠 Birmingham

📧 [email protected] 


Arielle Tye

🦄 community organiser ProMo-Cymru in Wales

🏠 Cardiff

🐦 @Little_Ari

📧 [email protected]

Community of practice (Youth) as well as being location based


Tech for Good Oxford

Chris Thorpe

🐦 @jaggeree

Chris Ashworth

🐦 @ChrisAshworthNT


Tech for Good Leeds


To Reach Out To


Other people who might like to join!

Matt Moorut

🐦 @mattmoorut 

📧 [email protected] 

Anne Fry

🐦 @annefry_

📧 [email protected]

Andy Crosbie


📧 [email protected]

Ashley Bale

🐦 @AshleyBaleUK

Bruce Scharlau

🐦 @scharlau


Tech For Good Sheffield
Tech For Good Dublin
Tech For UK

Tech Vets

Service Design London Meetup
Product for Good

Hack The Police
Open Knowledge
Open Tech Will Save Us

Open Charity
One Digital Meetup

Open Government UK

Bureau Local
Hacks Hackers


Engineers Without Borders

Software and Tech Effective Altruism

Edtech Developers Meetup

Local Gov Digital

London Open Data Meetup[u]

London Gov Design Meetup

DataKind UK 

DataKind Dublin
Coko Foundation
Citizen Beta
The Maintainers

Fintech For Good

Impact Founders

Humane Tech London[v]

Act Build Change

AI Ethics London

London ICT4D

Mozilla UK

Medtech London

Netsquared Cambridge

Platform Coop
Democracy Club
Women Hack for Non-Profits




Wikimedia UK


Cooperative Technologists


UK Gov Camp

Open Data Camp


AI For Good


Campaign Lab
Design + Climate
e-Campaigning Forum

Internet Governance Forum
Interoperability and the EU Digital Markets Act
Open Tech Will Save Us
BattleMesh v13
1st International Workshop on Distributed Infrastructure for Common Good, Delft, Netherlands (or online)
rC3 – remote Chaos Experience
Mozilla Festival

[a]where can we find/post events that groups put on for members?

[b]What's the user story for that?

[c]We could create a register of calendars for each group, perhaps.

[d]As an organiser when I am holding an event on x TfG  theme I want to make it visible so that I can attract relevant participants

[e]As a charity worker when I want to learn about digital I need to be able to find relevant events wherever they are in the country

[f]Right, but neither charity workers nor relevant participants will be using this forum.

[g]For the most part, we won't be attending each others' events.

[h]Hey, so I founded and ran for 7 years before passing it on, and I can tell you getting a good list of events is really hard work.

But I also think there are good use cases to getting this kind of data in an open list that can be reused. There were good reasons before everything went virtual, and now that it has there may be even more. Happy to discuss (If there's any chance you could hold a co-design session when I'm not at work that would be great. I just joined your email list, if I could be approved?).

If you want to do this, I'd strongly suggest that this website NOT try to list individual events. As Edward's second comment says, I'd instead strongly suggest having a section where each group lists an Open Data event feed somewhere. This is much more likely to be kept up to date.

It also has the side affect of really encouraging all groups to make sure they produce an Open Data feed somewhere! I'd recommend iCAL - regular attendees can import this straight into their personal calendars.

In fact, I'm going to sit down now and start trying to add some of these groups to Open Tech Calendar - it has a feature where you can add them to a custom list, which you can find at

[i]cheers James and Ed. maybe its not part of this platform, but a place where we share events with one another would be good so we can share with wider communities.

In the North East, a guy called James Rutherford runs tech diary to aggregate all the tech meetups.

Id love to see something like this for all TfG events, but I dont know how much work is involved or how it would be resourced. 

James if you think its worth a chat then let me know.

[j][META I didn't get an email about this reply, is there some option that is turned off?]

I'm happy to chat; hello at will get me.

But no surprise; my suggestion would be all events should have an Open Data feed. Then Open Tech Calendar, Tech Diary NE, and whoever else wants can pull them all together.

This can be as simple as a public Google Calendar; the key point is they commit to keeping it up to date. An important note; does NOT count as Open Data as you need a paid account to get an API key these days.

[k]+1 @[email protected], open calendar feeds for each group would be ideal.

[l]I've added as much Open Data as I can find to . There aren't many events partly because there isn't much open data, but also honestly most groups don't seem to have any future events scheduled.

[m]I just caught up with this thread - looks like a great resource - is there anything we can do to make events more open? Can create a small guide and put it in the google drive?

[n]Cheers for the heads up- Bexs - I didnt get notifications either. Missed all these.

[o]Hey - I'm up for helping with a guide. I actually wrote up recently. You can email me - happy to chat.

Key point I think to emphasise: creating it is one thing, making sure it is kept up to date is the real problem.

(For instance a common problem is people set a pattern like "4th Wed of the month" then one year that falls on Christmas Day and they don't come back to update their feed saying it's actually not happening on that day.)

For that reason, if your current ticketing provider / event lister can provide an Open Data stream in some way that should probably be the first choice.

[p]Is it worth continuing this conversation in the slack? Just so everyone else can see/ contribute?

[q]I did ask for an invite to Slack but haven't got a reply - do add me at this email address? @[email protected] Thanks

[r]Oops, invite sent!

[s]CAST build tech for good near you that we could build on?

[t]looks great. could it be coordinators role to nudge community leads for content?